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From 16 november 2010, it' s not possible anymore to receive the French channels by the existing antenna (rateau) without a special TNT receiver, connected to your television. From 5 april 2016 all French channels are distributed in HD-quality.

TNT or TNTsat 
The new tv-channel receiving system is called TNT (Télévision Numérique Terrestre), a lot of French channels can be received free of charge! It's possible you're house is in a white spot, receiving TNT isn't possible, but you can ask Siepad for good alternatives.

You can also watch the regular French channels by satellite, a satellitereceiver with TNTsat smartcard can be obtained from 127,00 Euro. The smartcard is valid for 4 years, after that you can renew the card by clicking on the link to the officiel website

English channels by satellite 
You want to watch English channels, Siepad can handle this, by installing your satellitedish, even the satellitereceiver. Don't look further.


More information can be retrieved by sending a message.

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