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Not everywhere it's possible to connect to the internetnetwork through telephonecable, it depends of the distance to the telephonecentral, which may be not more than 7 km from your house.will cost you from 17,95 Euro per month.


The operators work hard to get the fibernetwork installed. They estimate that during 2023 almost everybody will have a fiberconnection.


Internet at home can be obtained through telephonecable, fibercable, satellitedish, cable, Wifi. The best situation for you can be searched for. Be informed by Siepad.

Perhaps you want Internet and telephone in one offer. With an offer of Orange, you can internet and telephone to all fixed numbers in France and to Great-Brittain for only 33,90!

If you're living in a 'white spot area' (no internet by telephone possible), you can consider about a connection by satellite.


Siepad can install the Wifi router/modem at your place.


No more cables in your house with the Wifi-possibilities, even in your PC!


Be informed, don' hesitate to send Siepad a message.

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